Friday, January 9, 2009

Cornerstone Open day

Thursday 11th December 2008
Marisa and Kristian had a day at Cornerstone School today, their new school from next term. They really enjoyed the day, met their new teachers and Marisa has already made a couple of friends.
Fraser had to be at the local Target store at 4pm this afternoon in full Scout Uniform to buy Christmas Presents for the needy, it is something the Scouts do every year as part of their community support. Over the course of the year the Scouts do quite a lot of fund raising to help pay for their activities, at the end of the year any surplus is spent in Target on presents for the needy, which are then placed under the Christmas Tree in the store until they are delivered.
For his commitment to the cause, Fraser was one of the Scouts photographed for the local paper handing over their gifts.
In the evening we all went out for dinner at the Ship to celebrate Fliss getting Old, it was quite a good evening but we had to leave early because of the kids needing to get up for school and also because we can’t do late nights and early mornings anymore.


Anonymous said...

It's great how kids can provide you with any excuse!
You're nearly getting caught up - reckon you can make it to January by the end of next week?

The HoJo's said...

it's funny, after years of staying up late running the pub I really can't do it now, so yes, kids are handy :o)

end of the week, doubtfull ;o)