Wednesday, December 17, 2008


We opened a box at the Cafe today, not normally terribly interesting, fridges, freezers, slushy mix, ok slushy is moderately interesting and yum, I digress, we opened a box and inside were 2 boxes, of stuff, for us, yay, a surprise present.

We can't wait to open them, so thank you both :o)

And here they are under our little tree, bought before we realised you can get real trees here, but not till about 2 weeks before Christmas, which was too late for us.
Feel free to pretend you can't see the pile of paper and wood next to the burner, it is gone now. I could pretend I intend on taking more pics to replace this one with but the chances are slim, to none :o)

Are we getting into the spirit yet?

The children were decorating the tree, lots of I remember this and I made this going on, when they got to the ordinary decorations they got bored and stopped. I haven't the time or inclination so it may stay like this till we get invaded on Christmas Eve, we'll see.


Elena said...

CAROLYN i know it's you... what's all this photo posting instead of the usual juicy goss? come on now, with ALL that spare time on your hands...! (or not!)
ps. you havent opened those pressies yet?? who are they from?

Anonymous said...

What fun would there be in waiting until 2 weeks before Christmas to actually get your tree up!

Ganeida said...

lol. I'm sorry but I'm sniggering away here 'cause I thought my lack of enthusiasim was bad but I do believe you top me! Never mind I'm sure you enjoy the actual day just as much as I do. Hope the presents are as exciting as they look.

The HoJo's said...

Elena, I know, we haven't done a proper blog since 28th November, so I thought I should post a little so our readers don't get bored :o)
The gossip is all in the diary, never fear ;o)
Open pressies before the big day? are you kidding? the Grinch would have a field day.
They are from someone special in England :o)
Vic, I was spitting mad, dodgy fake tree is simply not on now the children are old enough to leave well alone! tsk
Ganeida, you snigger away :o) whatever keeps the punters happy as they say somewhere or other, I expect :o)
I am not chirpy when poorly, do people say poorly out here, I said it to someone the other day and they didn't have a clue, I had to explain it meant ill..... language barrier y'see

Ganeida said...

Poorly? Poorly? Oh, I don't think I'd use that. Malingerers, hypocondriacs & other decrepit sorts.;P Sorry if you're still not well though. I *am* only teasing.