Monday, December 8, 2008

Bubble and Squeak

Bubble and Squeak are two faries that lived in tales Carolyns Mum used to listen to her Grandpa tell. These tales grew and were passed on until these faries went on a long journey to Australia, strangely enough these faries were doing exactly what Fraser, Marisa and kristian were doing, meeting new people and having adventures around the world. Always getting up to mischief but saving the day, just in time. Granny left these tales up to Carolyn after the big move. To honour the tales we have named these two Bubble and Squeak.
The Black bunny is Miss Squeak, the browny grey is Mr Bubble.
Cute eh? and at present they are sharing a home together! Could be interesting no?
Mrs Hojo is very proud of making the hutch herself, from a kit, but is not looking forward to constructing a run with chook wire and other stuff.

How sweet, Sterling is making friends with a potential Dinner Guest ;o)


Ganeida said...

You're allowed to keep these? *No~one,* & I mean no~one is allowed to keep rabbits as pets in Queensland!

Make sure they're inocculated against mexamytosis [which is impossible to spell]. Very cute, I grant you. My youngest brother kept a white one as a pet for years[in N.S.W but you needed a special license to breed them]

The HoJo's said...

I had heard that about QLD, you have to have a license if you want more than 2 pet cats here, probably because they are possum killers but bunnies are everywhere, smirk, jabs soon, I remember when there were bunny skeletons all over the UK due to Myxomatosis, bleugh, oh and I had to look that up in a dictionary, daft word.

Ganeida said...

Very daft word. I like bunnies but I'm an Aussie & all my life I've lived with the devestation they've caused. As for cats, we keep ours in at night so they can't hunt randomly & during the day the birds hunt Issi. He really is a dope!

The HoJo's said...

I remember reading about the guy who introduced bunnies out here, bet he isn't fondly remembered by many farmers! We keep our cats in at night, not something we did in the UK as they kept the mice down but we have possum nests in our Peppy tree and I think it is a Shire Law that they be kept in and have collars, rego and bells!

If the butcher birds are about I don't blame Issi for hiding out, poor thing :o)

I think we may need to get another cage soon, they seem to be good friends already! Only 6 weeks old, I think I need to do some reading up!

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Wow! This Aussie bunny talk is very enlightening!! You guys are cracking me up!

Ganeida said...

Obviously not an Aussie. Hasn't anyone told you; bunnies run the country out here! ;P I crack me up, I really do.

Sorry, they've got no natural predators in Oz & at the rate they breed they quickly became a noxious pest. Bit like a mouse plague really.

Anonymous said...

They're very cute, but I do like Sterling more! He's (she?) fluffy!

The HoJo's said...

Gasp, they don't innoculate against Myx over here! Will have to get mozzie netting.
I am cracking up as I type, smirk. So somebuuny is in charge but if it goes wrong nobunny gets the blame, she'll be right ;o)
Ah yes, Sterling is very cute and fluffy, sadly he is very stooopid but he is a snuggle pot so we forgive him!

Ganeida said...

And you're a *funnybunny* lol.

The HoJo's said...

At least somebuny listens to my nonsense :o)