Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We need ideas

Tuesday 4th November 2008
Another busy day at the Café, we almost ran out of Plates and Coffee Cups at one point, the Bank manager will be pleased.
Fraser went to Scouts tonight, about half way through they did a presentation about the Jamboree that is being held out east somewhere in 2010.
Carolyn was there for the presentation and reckons the event looks really good, they explained how much it is going to cost and who would be eligible to go, they have strict age limits.
All Fraser has to do now is raise the money or find someone Mug enough to pay for him, they are looking for novel fundraising ideas, so if anyone out there has any good ideas please let us know.
While all that was going on Ian sat at home with a couple of tinnies, watching James Bond View to a kill.


Ganeida said...

I don' know how big your community is or if you can do a limited version of this one but the island school did phone books for years. It was an excellent fundraiser. Maybe one lising local businesses? Sorry, it's 3 am here & I can't spell.

The Cloughs said...

Cheese and wine evenings always do well for us here in the UK. Round about £300 per time and easy to do.

You could also find out the distance to where he is going and work out how many lengths of the pool this is and then get him or the scout group to swim the same distance between them over a few weeks for sponsorship.

(you may want to edit the next bit out of the post before putting it up for all to see!)
We had a local locksmith who gave us a pile of old keys. We packed them up on a ribbon with a little card saying that they were magic santa keys for kids with no chimneys and they could hang them on the door outside so that santa could get in with the presents. We sold them for about £1 a time and lots of grannies bought them at mums and tots!!

Hope his fundraising goes well :o)