Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Thai Food Busselton

Friday 7th November 2008
It was all hand to the pump today at the Café, two of the staff went home sick and another was definitely under the weather, and all this on top of another one going home an hour early yesterday because she didn’t feel well. Ian told all the staff that the one that went sick yesterday, had morning sickness and offered to set up a book on whether she was and by how much, some of them thought he was being serious at first but he was soon found out.
Ian tends to walk a fine line when he is working, it is probably something to do with the years of working in pubs but when he was talking to regular customers about the staff shortages today, he told them all that they were all off with food poisoning. Fortunately most of the old dears that come in know better than to take him seriously, so no damage was done.
The kids went to freaky Friday tonight at the leisure centre and we went to town for a meal, we tried Thai for a change before going back to pick them up.
This is the first time we had been into the Thai restaurant in Busselton (the only one), Ian was put off it just after we arrived here, by the fact that the Meeter and Greeter was White, Probably Aussie, but most definitely not Thai.
Ian’s theory is that if the person out front of house is not of the right nationality then how do you know that the person in the kitchen is, or whether anyone in the business has ever even had anything to do with the country whose style of food they are selling.
Ian once went to an Indian Restaurant in Newquay, Cornwall, UK and was greeted by a little old Cornish Lady who didn’t have a clue what she was serving, only that it had a number next to it.
The Curry was not shall we say particularly inspiring but he’d had a few beers so he ate it, as you do, and just before he left the restaurant he saw the chef for the first time, he was an older white Cornishman who had probably never been further than Truro, and that was only to be born.
Since then Ian has always tried to find out the nationality of the kitchen staff before going into a restaurant for a meal, we had in the last couple of months been told that the chefs were Thai which is why Ian agreed to go in.
The food was great, Carolyn had number 15 and Ian had number 16, they were both Jungle Curries, Carolyns had Coconut Milk in it.
The restaurant is tired and a bit shabby but clean, the waitress was an Aussie girl chewing on gum like her life depended on it, she was probably an apprentice hairdresser earning a few extra bob (the black and white two tone hair do gives it away), the kitchen staff were Thai and the food was great.
In the nine months we have been over here that was the best meal, that wasn’t a steak, that we have had in WA, if you are looking for Thai food in Busselton this is the place to go and we will be going back.


Little Nut Tree said...

you are funny! which one of you wrote this? your sense of humour is hilarious ;)

Ganeida said...

lol Eating out is always a bit hit & miss. I've had a running war with our British chef over his desire to serve me meat that should still be walking round there's so much blood pouring out of it. I'm a neanderthal that way. Dead is dead. I don't want to see a life force swimming around on my plate. A lot of the chefs out this way do really good mediterranian style meals. we don't often eat out but I must say I've never had a dud meal from a winery yet. :)

The HoJo's said...

This was Mr Hojo, who hasn't eaten at a winery.........yet

Marcus said...

I agree, the Thai restaurant looks sad and shabby, but the food is quite good.
As for Busselton's late night shopping, what a joke! Just like their garage sales, everything shuts early!
I've just gotten used to shopping in the day time.