Saturday, November 8, 2008

He's Tired, She's Grumpy

Friday 24th October 2008
The Café was busy again today, Carolyn came in to help out and after picking the kids up in the afternoon came back again to help clear up.
It took so long to get cleared up that the kids were late getting to Freaky Friday and Ian was even later home.
Tired and Grumpy (he’s tired, she’s grumpy) we sat down and watched The Bridge on the River Kwai after the kids got back, it was a good film, it has been so long since we have seen it you forget how many stars used to appear in the same films together.
We shouldn’t have watched it really, because it is a long film, we were already tired, we will now be even more tired tomorrow and it is almost a forgone conclusion that we will not get an early night tomorrow which will mean even more tired on Sunday when we have to get up early.


Little Nut Tree said...

this really reminds me of me!! lol

On a saturday night I always try to think of going to bed early otherwise I'm too tired on SUnday morning to give BN his lie in of the week and I end up being too awake on Sunday evening to go to bed early enough when I have to get up early on a Monday morning... and yet I never learn... I do it every week!

Ganeida said...

I can't do this any more. Come 8pm & whereever I am I start snoring. My girls have declared me a major public embarrasment. :D

The HoJo's said...

Hee hee, at least you admit to snoring unlike some people I could mention *sideways look*
I do like my Sat night out now I get one, even if it does start at 5 and finish by 6.30 sometimes!