Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doggy Paddle

Monday 27th October 2008
Marisa and Kristian took their swimming gear in to school today, for the next two weeks they go swimming once a day at the local leisure centre where they are taught to swim.
It’s quite pathetic really the school gets a ten day swimming allocation once a year, presumably they are expected to remember it until next year and maybe if their really good they’ll got a Bronze Award for the Five Metre Doggy Paddle by the time they finish High School.
For our kids this is a bonus on top of everything else they do, for a lot of the kids it is their only chance to learn how to swim and look after themselves around water.
Carolyn went to the Planning Department at the Shire this morning, we are thinking of turning our Dining Room, that is to say what would be our Dining Room if we had a Dining Table and Chairs, although if we’re honest, we’ve got loads of tables we just don’t have the chairs, and also the tables that we do have aren’t the colour or design of table that we want, but one day it will be a Dining Room.
That is to say it will be a Dining Room unless we get some plans drawn up and turn the Dining Room to be into a Bedroom, we would then take out the windows in the Lounge and move them further out so that we box in part of our Patio and incorporate the Dining Room into the much larger Lounge.
The planning people said we would need Building Regs (I think that’s short for regulations and not two blokes called Reg), as we don’t have a copy of the Original plans for the house Carolyn ordered a copy while she was there, we figured an Architect would need them and rather paying over the odds for him to get them we’d get them ourselves.
The man from Camtec came round to fix our Freezer door, he couldn’t again because apparently Fisher and Paykel don’t make Freezer doors that line up, look aesthetically pleasing and generally fit their Freezer Cabinets. He did move the door over onto the other hinge so that next to the Fridge with the door that does fit, it does look almost aesthetically pleasing and the right way round.
Marisa went to Cubs in the evening.

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Ganeida said...

We've lived on our island for 20 yrs & all that time the island kids were transported to the mainland once a week for 4 weeks for swimming lessons! Um, yeah. These are kids who travel by boat everywhere, fish, crab etc & most of them are lucky to doggie paddle. They finally built us a pool & it's only 25 metrtes! Stooopid! That's what it is!