Monday, October 13, 2008

Frasers Birthday

Wednesday 24th September 2008
It is Frasers birthday today so we all had to get up early so that he could open his presents before Ian went to work, the thing with Fraser is he doesn’t ask for a lot unlike the other two. Like most kids he will ask for things on a whim all year, but when it comes to his birthday he has a good think about it, because he knows it doesn’t happen very often, whatever he asks for and gets has got to be capable of keeping him constantly occupied for a year. This is great from our point of view because we know that whatever we get him, if he has asked for it then it will get well used.
He has been talking about astronomy lately and would have liked a telescope, a decent telescope would be a big outlay bearing in mind that he doesn’t yet know where the different Stars and Planets are so we bought him some astronomy books and Maps of the night sky. If he has got a real interest in it and after finding out where all the Stars and Planets above this part of the world are is still keen, we will get him one for Christmas.
Apart from that he got a DS something along with assorted games and attachments, apparently it’s a little computer game thing. He also got a Lego Aeroplane, he loves building models so that went down well, a complete set of Narnia books on CD which you can guarantee will get well used at bedtime, so much easier than reading. Along with assorted books and cards he was more than pleased with his haul, he will be even more pleased in a few days time, his Aunt and Uncle are going to send over his favourite book of all time when it is released in a couple of days time.
The weather today started pretty good but went rapidly downhill after lunch, fortunately the rain stayed off and we braved the elephants for Frasers birthday dinner. Fraser had decided that he wanted Noodles for his birthday dinner and we had decided to eat them on the foreshore, overlooking the Sea and Jetty.
The wind on the foreshore was a bit wild to say the least and we must have looked like a right bunch of plums sitting out there eating out of our Noodle boxes, fortunately Ian had the good sense to bring some plastic forks from the Café, if we had to wait for the kids to finish eating using chopsticks we would have all died of Hyperthermia.
After Noodles we went to the Cinema to warm up, Fraser wanted to watch Wall-E, we were not over excited by the idea of watching a cartoon but it is his birthday, so it’s his choice.
As it happens it was quite a good film, as a rule we normally get bored fairly quickly watching animated movies. Are animated movies still classed as cartoons? If not, do cartoons still exist and if so what is the difference.
Anyway, we didn’t get bored, the kids didn’t talk all the way through it, even Kristian managed to watch it all the way through without giving it his best narrative.

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Ganeida said...

What were we thinking having children 6 weeks before Christmas?!
We have 2 birthdays this month, one next & Dearest is Boxing DaY! I hate this time of the year.