Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tropic Thunder

Sunday 31st August 2008
Kristian and Marisa were supposed to be cleaning up Busselton as part of their Community badge with the Cubs but apparently they don’t do that sort of thing, they only go to Cubs to have fun and go camping, not cleaning and filling rubbish bins. Who ever said our kids are spoiled?
Instead we went to the market this morning just for a change and got some fruit, the weather is very changeable today, absolutely roasting when there is a break in the clouds and then wind and rain when the clouds come over again.
We had a cup of coffee while the kids played in the park, but our peace was soon shattered when another rain cloud came over and the kids came looking for us.
This afternoon we went to see Tropic Thunder while Fliss sat on the babies, we sent them round to her house armed with enough Panini, Chocolate and DVD’s to keep them quiet for a couple of hours.
Tropic Thunder was a bit of a disappointment really, there were a few funny lines, but the film just didn’t flow. Presumably Tom Cruise had a hunch that it wouldn’t go down as one of the major blockbusters, in his part there is no way you would recognise him. He played the money man behind the film that was being made and the make up, mannerisms and voice just did not belong to Tom Cruise, although obviously they did. The kids had a good time with Fliss, sometime it feels like they would rather be there than here and the beauty of it is that Fliss encourages it, her housemate Aimee is not so keen as she seems to think it always smells after Marisa has been there, which it probably does.
Fliss and the kids watched the film Arthur and the Invisibles, a typical kiddies movie which would have kept Fliss happy. Then the kids showed Fliss how to work her Wii, apparently Fliss couldn’t even get to the other side of the Chocolate River in the Simpsons game, now how dumb is that, in the end Marisa had to do it for her.
Apparently after Fliss and Michelle left us last night, they ended up at a party being held to celebrate Michelle's brothers Aussie Football Team winning their first game of the season, it also happened to coincide with their last game of the season. It would appear that there is room for improvement next season.
While at the party Fliss got hit on (chatted up) by a sixteen year old dwarf, his chat up line should go down in history as one of the all time classics. Get this, “I see you’re wearing Ugg Boots”, which was amazing really because she was. Now there’s a man that pays attention to detail when delivering his lines.
It did make her feel tall for a while because it’s not very often that Fliss encounters someone shorter than her, but it also made her feel old so she got in a taxi and went home,
The latest on Michelle and her boyfriend, she didn’t see him last night and we don’t know how she got on at the party.
When we got home, it was bath time for the kids and an early night for us.


Anonymous said...

Brianne is to be Briony and is due to join us next week, after I get the Showcase out of the way (again!). I can't wait to wash my hands of it... I'll let you know how the Beer Festival at your old place pans out....

Glowstars said...

You've been given an award at

Elena said...

guess what i had for lunch ian!
i found a pain bagnait at the town's university cafe :D
it was nice! it had egg salad and a sauce which i think was tuna & mayo?? is this the one you meant?