Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Roman Blinds

Tuesday 26th August 2008
Those of you who are English and reading this will probably not believe that Ian got away with playing this joke on the Shopping Centre Bosses Wife (the brains behind the business), but it’s true and it would appear that they have never heard this joke in Australia as Ian has been telling it to different people all day and not one of them had heard it before.

SCBW = Shopping Centre Bosses Wife

Ian was opening up the Café this morning, putting the chairs out and generally getting ready for the day ahead when SCBW walked over and started talking about the refurbishment, she was saying how it had made the place look brighter and more inviting etc.
She then said I don’t like those shutters though (the metal roller shutters over the Take Away area), what you need is some Roman Blinds, to which Ian replied when we are open the shutters are up so you can’t see them.
SCBW says: I really do think that Roman Blinds would look good there.
Ian says: Do you know how to make a Roman Blind.
SCBW says: No, but with an expectant look on her face like she is about to find out something interesting.
Ian says: Poke him in the Eye.
Ian caught her, hook, line and sinker, it was brilliant, she just stood there for a minute trying to work out what had just happened and when she realised, turned her back and stomped off to carry on with her cleaning.
Ian could not believe his luck, he has tried to tell this joke at every opportunity throughout his life, only to find that everybody in England already knows it and here 12,000 miles away nobody does, he is going to be telling this one for months.
Carolyn came onto the Café this morning to take some photos which we emailed to the Centre Owners Consultant so that he could see how much we have done so far, he was quite pleased with what he saw which was good.
We received some copies of old plans from him which were put together when a previous tenant wanted to do a refurb, that particular refit didn’t happen but there were a couple of things of interest on them that Ian brought up with him when he rang him this afternoon.
In the plans he sent, the counter was in a slightly different position, it was further forward and as far as we were concerned encroached on the public areas in the Mall.
When Ian asked about the possibility of us putting the counter out there (it would make our take away area so much easier to work in), he said that he couldn’t see it being an issue because it would still be within our leased area.
We are going to start work on the plans for that tomorrow.

Marisa came home from school today with a dodgy paint job on her face, for 50 Cents they could have their face painted today. While Marisa was only too willing to participate, the boys kept their money firmly in their pockets and are now $1 richer than Marisa after only two days.
Fraser went to Scouts tonight and came back with a $14 refund from his weekend camping trip a couple of weeks ago. That means that from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, all it cost us to get rid of him was $21. Next time we’re going to see if they’ve got room for the other two as well, it is far cheaper than a babysitter.

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