Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pretty in Pink

Tuesday 19th August 2008
The Painters turned up at the Café at 8am this morning and set to work, they only managed to put the first coat on about a third of it but already the place looks bigger and brighter. The Pinky/Terracotta that we are putting in the alcoves and feature bits looks a bit too pink after the first coat, the painter has summoned Carolyn to the Café tomorrow morning to make sure she is happy with it before he carries on.
The friend of Michelle who was in the car crash is apparently in a medically induced coma on a life support machine, it would appear that his body was crushed in the accident with every one of his ribs being broken.
Because of the painting we were only able to use half the usual number of tables so it made us look busier than we actually were today, the whole centre was quiet and has been for the last few days so perhaps this is deepest winter and we can soon look forward to another upturn.
Fraser went to Scouts tonight, while there they played a game that involved Robbers bursting in on the troop, this scared the living daylights out of him and was commented on to Carolyn by a couple of Scouts and Troop Leaders.

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