Monday, August 25, 2008

No Trotts for the HoJo's

Monday 25th August
Ian spent the first two hours at work today trying to reorganise the tables in the Café, it is really bright in there now and looks so much bigger. That was the problem really, Ian wanted to reorganise the seating because the place looks bigger and he felt that it could be better laid out than it was prior to the redecorating.
It took him two hours to come to the conclusion that despite the place looking bigger, it was not in fact going to hold more tables and chairs or allow the furniture to be placed in a different position from that which it has always been.
Carolyn took Fraser and Marisas application forms to Cornerstone school and both kids have been accepted, Fraser from October and Marisa from February although we are going to try to get her in earlier if we can.
The kids took their Skates and Skateboards to school today, for a 50 Cent donation all the kids were going to be able to skate round a course designed by the kids in year seven at lunchtime.
The result was that all the bigger kids knocked seven bells out of the smaller ones, Fraser and Kristian saw what was happening and saved their money by not taking part while Marisa braved it and ended up taking a tumble and hurting her wrist.
It was a quiet day in the Café today which gave us a chance to get a bit reorganised, lets hope it gets busier later in the week to help pay for all the work.
Kristian and Marisa went to Cubs this evening, after it had finished Carolyn went to a Cubs Parent and committee meeting, needless to say Carolyn was the only parent there apart from some of the committee.
Busselton has a trotting track and it turns out that the Cubs organise the snack bars for it, the only problem is they can’t get enough people to help them and bearing in mind it brings in an awful lot of money for the group, they don’t want to lose it. We think that they might have liked our assistance and Carolyn had to explain to them that at the time these events are taking place, it will be the middle of summer, we will be working seven days a week and could not possibly fit it in.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I'm sure you will get the trotts soon enough when you barbie some of those bizarre sausages.

Ganeida said...

It wouldn't be kind to mention mad cows....;D Guess at least they're not mad pigs.

Cornerstone looks cool. Did a little googleing. Anything in particular you like about it?

The HoJo's said...

Thanks for that Grandad Hojo, I knew you wouldn't be able to resist :o)

And, Cornerstone, we like the way it resembles the Church of England schools the children attended in the UK, the caring side of things, the ethos if you like. They are a little right wing but we are finding the local school an eye opener in many ways and are keen for the children to get back to a quieter, more formal setting, there is a fair choice of school in Busso, at least three different church schools plus several local schools and a high school and a college. I hope Cornerstone fits better than the local school as lately Marisa has been miserable. Fraser is also finding it hard to fit in, we are told he is too nice! The other children don't know what to make of him. Kristian seems to be learning to run wild, which we are not happy about.
We shall see.....

Ganeida said...

Um, yeah. Don't talk to me about the State schools. We can't afford private but you'll have noticed Ditz isn't in our local schools! There's a reason for that...& a reason she's such good friends with her Irish mates; their Head is refered to (behind his back, naturally) as *Hitler*. Ditz has been taught to be kind & most of our locals just don't get it that she isn't mean.

The HoJo's said...

Its such a shame about the schooling, the only real downside to emigrating, and a biggie as we have 3 children. Fortunately Cornerstone have the policy that 'Jesus wouldn't be happy if we only let rich people send their children to our school' so we are fortunate that, as we aren't rich, we are just about able to send the children there. They also have a decent reduction for each subsequent child. I think if we had a 4th child hiding in a cupboard here it would go free! (To school that is, not free from the cupboard)