Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fork and Hose

Saturday 30th August 2008
We had yet another new girl start at the Café today, she is a friend of the one that started a couple of weeks ago and a relative of the one that is supposed to be starting next week, they are all in the same class at Cornerstone School, which is where we are looking at sending our kids.
It was a fairly quiet day again today, so apart from the usual lunchtime rush, the new girls had time to think about what they were doing and why, so we didn’t have too many mishaps.
Carolyn went out in the morning to Bunnings to get some Garden Furniture for the Café outside area, they are on special at the moment because it is still winter and while we are doing the refurbishments we have got the room to store them at the Café until the warm weather comes without them looking out of place.
Carolyn also went to a garage sale in search of a Fork and Hose while she was out and ended up at one of our customers houses, his name is Mick and he originally comes from Wood Green in North London, just down the road from where Ian was brought up and he loves our Bread Pudding and Ians English Breakfast with Fried Bread. Apparently nobody knows what fried Bread is over here which is quite surprising really because they seem to have learned how to fry everything else.
As it happened he had a Fork and Hose in his shed, he hadn’t put them out for sale but as Carolyn had asked for them specifically and after assorted Two Ronnie jokes he let her have them for a small fee.
In the evening we went to Stilts and at about 5.30pm we heard from Fliss that she and Michelle were on their way down to meet us, they arrived at about 7pm which is when we would normally be getting ready to go home. The reason for it taking so long was apparently due to Michelle taking forever to get ready, Michelle’s version was that the reason they took so long was down to the fact that Fliss was too lazy to walk and insisted on waiting for a taxi.
We had a couple of drinks with them before leaving to walk home while the girls got Michelle's mum to pick them up, she then took them home via the Pizza shop, according to Michelle she’s not spoilt at all.

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Ganeida said...

You guys crack me up! You know the wrong Aussies. Bread is about the only thing we do fry here ~ & Two Ronnies jokes! I haven't heard one of those in years!