Sunday, August 24, 2008


Saturday 23rd August 2008
It was a bit nippy again this morning, so much so that the Painter arrived to start work an hour later than expected because when he went out to wash his equipment this morning, he had to defrost the tap and hose before he could get any water out of it.
As it was it was quiet in the Café this morning, which was fortunate because it made us feel less guilty about closing early. We finished serving at 1pm this afternoon, and were all cleared up by 2pm so that the painter could get clear access to all the areas that he couldn’t get to while we were open.
Carolyn went to the Auctions today to see if we could get a Table Tennis table for us to use when we eventually have our Entertainment area built, the one they had at auction ended up selling for more than you would pay in a shop.
The auction was selling the contents of a sporting store, so Carolyn, never one to miss out on a bargain, hung around to see what else would come up that might be perceived to be a bargain. In the end her diligence paid off, and for a mere $100 (£50) we are now the proud owners of 100 Tennis Balls, which should earn us a fortune if there is ever a Tennis Ball shortage, or failing that, give us an endless supply of something to throw if we ever get a dog. But that’s not all, included in that price we got 30, yes Thirty, Basket Balls, and some of them are even the Official Size, or will be if we ever find an adapter and can be bothered to blow them up.
The painters did paint the front sign of the Take Away area this morning, we decided to use the Pinky/Terracotta that turned out to be too Pink and it looks great with the Green, Orange and Yellow behind it, and we have decided that the counter top will be Electric Blue’ish. It is going to look a bit like an accident in a paint factory by the time we have finished, but it should get us noticed.
As we had finished work early we were able to take our walk along the beach in beautiful sunshine, and after a couple of drinks at Stilts, came home while it was still light.
The kids wanted to watch Lord of the Rings, the Two Towers, so we had a bite to eat and watched that. The problem with watching a film like that is, due to the length of it, it is not conducive with going to bed for an early night, before a long day tomorrow. We have been working really long hours this last couple of weeks and thought that with closing the Café early and bringing our routine forward by a couple of hours, we would get a good, long nights sleep. It was not as early a night as we would have hoped.

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