Saturday, April 5, 2008

Hi Tech Telecoms

Wednesday 2nd April 2008
After dropping the kids off at school today we had an appointment with the Realty Agent at the house, the telephone company were unable to check if the line was dead or not and needed us to check it by going into the house, plugging a phone in and checking if there was a dialling tone or not. The text that we had received asking us to do this gave us a number to ring, saying that if there was no ring tone we should ring another number, we think telecommunication is still in its infancy over here. We rang the second number using our mobile and were put on hold for about 10 minutes, so we got fed up with that and rang the sales number instead. Obviously the idea of making a sale is more of an incentive to answer the phone than listening to somebody telling them that a phone line is dead, because on about the third ring they answered and although they wanted to put us on hold to this other department until we told them that we had already been waiting for 10 minutes and were running out of credit, at which point they offered to sort it out for us and get the department to ring back within 30 minutes. Needless to say they didn’t ring back, when we rang them and told them our name they immediately informed us that a request has been made for the line to be reconnected. They obviously had our information in front of them, they were just too idle to let us know, sometimes you just have to wonder who is paying who, we’ve done the first bit for them now they want us to give them $299 Dollars so that they can instruct a sub contractor to go out and do the rest for them. It all sounds a bit BT to me.
We then went and arranged with the computer people that as soon as the line is set up they will set up a wireless modem for our laptop so that we can use the internet as soon as we get into the house, otherwise we would have to wait until we’ve finished decorating before we could unload our belongings and set up our PCs that we brought over and then call them in to set it up and ensure that they are all compatible.
After that we went to the Café and checked our emails, we spoke to the settlement agent who was after some money so we went round to see and got the final figure and his account details, he said he needs to draw on it tomorrow so we will wait till then to transfer it so that we get an extra days interest.
We then went to the trading estate and spoke to a Uniform embroidery company about sourcing uniforms for when we get into the Café, then we went on to Bunnings (B&Q) and bought some decorating equipment for the house so that we can make a prompt start as soon as we get the keys.
After picking up the kids from school we went home and had an early meal, Ian who wasn’t feeling too good skipped dinner and went to sleep for a couple of hours.

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