Monday, April 7, 2008

The Eagles are grounded

Saturday 5th April 2008
We had a lie in today and let the kids watch a DVD, they don’t get the chance very often. Mid morning when Ian was in the shower there was a knock at the door and the kids answered it, it was the Jehovah’s Witness crew and they wanted to come in, worse still the kids wanted permission to let them in. Carolyn leapt out of bed as only someone who doesn’t want a copy of the watchtower can and reached the door just before the kids could finish unlocking it, she fobbed them off by letting them think that she worked nights and had been woken from her nights sleep and they left, apologising as they went. They did manage to leave a copy of the watchtower in the letterbox though, so we didn’t get away totally unscathed.
Late morning we went to the Café to do emails, and then we did a bit of shopping for tomorrow’s dinner before heading home to get comfortable for the big game. Today is Derby Day in WA with the West Coast Eagles playing the Fremantle Dockers in the Australian Football League (Aussie Rules that is), we have really got into Aussie Rules football and Carolyn has decided that our allegiance should be with the Eagles, so we are now officially all Eagles fans.
The game started well for us with the Eagles scoring twice in the first two and a half minutes, 12 – nil up and this is going to be a walkover, wrong, unfortunately Dockers had other ideas and went on to win by 14 points. It was a very close game and very enjoyable to watch but unfortunately that means the Eagles have lost their first two games of the season.
Early evening we went down to the foreshore again to see the time trials at the rally, it has been raining so the surface was wet and we were looking forward to a few crashes but they didn’t happen, although there one or two cars that had obviously pushed it a bit too hard in the forest because there were a few knocks that weren’t there last night. At about 7.30pm Ian went to the pub to watch Arsenal v Liverpool on TV, the game ended 1 – 1 and was not much of a spectacle, both teams were saving themselves for their second Champions League clash next Tuesday.
Carolyn stayed with the kids and watched the racing for a bit, but once the kids had been fed they soon started to get bored so they went home. When Ian got home after the football we sat in front of the TV with a couple of tinnies and watched a load of adverts with bits of Lethal Weapon 4 in between.

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