Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Curry to go

Friday 14th March 2008
We met Ron, the guy who wrote our business plan for lunch today, I dare say we will meet him again but it is a sort of thank you lunch before we go to Busselton. We had a lovely meal and a chat, he gave us lots of encouraging feedback and said thinks that we are doing the right thing. Unfortunately his other half, Margot was unable to join us but she sent along some chocolate bunnies to keep the kids happy over Easter, assuming we can keep them from melting in the car on the way to Busselton tomorrow.
We have started packing ready for an early start tomorrow, fortunately we don’t seem to have too much more than we arrived with so hopefully it will all fit in the car.
We took Sharon and Malcolm out for a thank you meal tonight, we went to the local Indian Restaurant where they have a running Buffet, it was very good and the kids were very adventurous trying lots of different things, no doubt we’ll find out in the car tomorrow how much they really enjoyed it.
Sharon keeps saying she is going to miss us but we think she means the kids really, while Malcolm will just be glad to have a bit of peace and quite again.

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