Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Check out the flies in Bunbury coz everything else is closed

Monday 24th March 2008
We went out early’ish today and on the way to the petrol station noticed that despite it being a Bank Holiday most of the small independent shops were open which seems a bit strange bearing in mind all the tourists are going home today and on Friday when there was an abundance of tourists with money to spend and no shops open to take their money, it’s going to be a long time before this place turns into the Aussie equivalent of Southend on Sea.
Because the shops are open today we decided to go to Bunbury because there is a wider selection of furniture type stores within a fairly small designated commercial area. Unfortunately either Bunbury knew that we were coming or they think that we have enough time to shop throughout the rest of the year and see no reason to open on public holidays, because everywhere is closed, the place was dead and this is a big town that we are talking about. The only shop open was Australia’s answer to B&Q, you guessed it Bunnings and it was heaving, there were so many people there that they were using the surrounding shops car parks.
Having not done the tourist bit to Bunbury we decided to go to the waterfront to have a look at some of the places that have been rammed down our throats in the form of TV adverts since we have been down here and we weren’t disappointed the places concerned looked almost as uninteresting as the adverts and having to fight off flies for an hour or so while we were looking around didn’t improve the ambience at all, although if you are into fly fishing this is the place to come because there are millions of them and you would be sure to catch something, you just have to hope it isn’t contagious.
After that we took the scenic route back towards Busselton, visiting all the beaches on the way back but not getting out of the car to have a close look at them because every pathway down to a beach has a sign at the entrance warning of the danger of snakes apart from other things and we don’t do snakes.
We got home and had lunch before and had a lazy afternoon giving the kids a chance to catch up on their reading and giving us the chance of an afternoon nap.
We remembered to put the bins out tonight, it is recycling and ordinary bins this week and we had to make sure that they are the right distance from the road and facing the right direction because the rubbish truck is fitted with arms that pick your bin up and turn it upside down, hopefully in the truck, but will not touch it if it is facing the wrong direction and the driver does not get out of his cab to move it if you have got it wrong.


Little Nut Tree said...

it sounds a little unwelcoming there...? The bin men sound delightful - altho to be fair, they're not exactly much better here are they!

good to see you blogging!! I will be stopping by so you had better keep it up!!

The HoJo's said...

Actually we are loving it here, we don't mean to sound negative, it just amuses us that everything is so laid back here, and we are getting more laid back by the day.
If we tell you all the good things, eveyone will follow us out here!