Monday, March 31, 2008

Cheap Books and Chinese

Saturday 29th March 2008
We went into town this morning to pay the rent, check the emails and pay a library fine incurred by Marisa for having a nose bleed over one of their books. The book was not that badly damaged but because it was blood we thought we should let them know, however it was not all bad because we now know how to get books on the cheap as they are normally very expensive to buy over here. From now on every time we find a book that we wouldn’t mind keeping we are going to have a blood letting ceremony, it will involve one of the boys giving Marisa a whack on the nose while she is reading for which they will be suitably reprimanded and while we are mopping up the blood some of it might get onto the book that we wish to keep.
After that we took the kids out for lunch and gave them their first taste of Jaffle Pie which they enjoyed, although the flavours that they chose were the same as the food they would normally eat for lunch but without a pie case, Fraser had Egg and Bacon, Marisa had Carbonara while Kristian had Shepherds Pie in his Pie.
After lunch we had a look at some Indonesian furniture before going home to chill out for the afternoon and then went to Meelup beach early evening. When we got to the beach there were a load of chairs laid out at for a wedding ceremony and people milling about in suits and designer dresses, the weather was perfect for it and the location is amazing. When the ceremony started all the people that were on the beach stopped what they were doing and watched which was quite nice, Ian however decided to stay in the water and the lucky couple will be delighted to find out that straight after the ceremony when the photographer stepped in and started doing his bit, the first photographs he took of them standing next to the registrars table with their backs to the Ocean will have Ian in the background bobbing around on a bright red wave rider.
When we got home we fed the kids and put them to bed before demolishing our First Australian Chinese meal which wasn’t bad, it wasn’t quite what we are used to but it was tasty and if this is what Australian Chinese tastes like then we won’t be complaining, especially when it is washed down with a couple of litres of Jacobs Creek Rose. We spent the evening watching a load of adverts interspersed with a couple of movies whilst eating and drinking.

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