Monday, March 17, 2008


Saturday 1st March2008
It was a bit overcast this morning so we decided to go to Mullaloo Beach for a swim, while we were there we met a family who Emigrated from Axbridge last November and are loving it over here. The midday sun started to burn off the clouds son after about 2 hours we went home and had lunch.
In the afternoon Ian went Food shopping while Carolyn got the kids doing School work, we think it is time for them to get back into a learning routine now that a new school is on the horizon.
Ian made some more Salads for the evening meal, they seem to be going down well.
In the evening Sharon volunteered to look after the Kids so we went up the Pub, it was very noisy with a live band playing. Just before closing time we met another migrant, this one was from Yatton although he had spent most of his life in Weston Super Mare, he said he loved it out here but he had his Aussie girlfriend hanging on his every word so I suppose he had to really.

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