Monday, March 17, 2008

Accountants and cheque books

Tuesday 4th March 2008
We checked with the Accountant today to make sure that he was on the ball with books for the business and to make sure that there was nothing untoward in them and he assured that he was happy with them, he wants to meet us in Perth on Thursday so that we can sign some paperwork to do with setting up the Family Trust.
We paid the deposit on the business today as per our offer so things are starting to move, we need to be down there really so that we can start meeting suppliers and getting the kids into school but because it is a tourist resort the short term accommodation is ridiculously expensive.
We haven’t heard about the offer on the house yet, perhaps the valuer has gone low and they are having to think about it.
We went to the Bank and ordered some Cheque Books because although we were told it was very unlikely that you would need a cheque book and everything could be done electronically we are now finding that this is not the case when you are dealing with House and Business purchases, everybody wants Cheques and if we get the bank to write them it will cost us a fortune. While we were there we also picked up a couple of statements because they only issue them every three months, we have only been here for one and both the Mortgage people and the Landlord of the Café will both want to see them. We then went round to the Mortgage Brokers office and got them to Photocopy everything for us including our passports free of charge, what nice people they are.

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