Thursday, January 5, 2012


So many things almost to do, we are almost buying a business, we are almost moving home, again, we so often say never again... but this next one is small, tiny small, poor Fraser doesn't enjoy sharing a room but the boys rooms will run one into another and the first is barely more than a corridor. They would like hammocks to save space...tempting. Kristian may yet end up sleeping in a wardrobe. It is hard to keep motivated when you have nothing to do. I have been asked why we didn't just get jobs! Um... apart from the fact that we had hoped it wouldn't take 3 months to buy the business, they aren't growing on trees and then the expense of a second car... the list goes on. So we wait, we plan, we try to come up with ideas all the time to convince ourselves that we aren't just wasting our lives. Soon, this will all be past, we will be back to working too hard, not being able to take a holiday and wondering where the time went. If we were on holiday we could kick back and relax but under all this lack of activity our brains are whirring, never really relaxing, second guessing every phone call, wondering when.....but things are moving slowly on rather than not. Still, at least I am blogging again. All it took was finding an internet connection better than the luke-warm hot spot where we are staying so I could download ios5, so I could download pages, hurrah an hour and a half and 2 cups of coffee later I can finally type again. Having a keyboard rather than a pop up which hides 1/3 of the screen also helps.


Jennifer said...

welcome back :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you are blogging again. Hope your business plans get sorted very soon. Mimi

The HoJo's said...

ahhh thank you ladies :o)