Friday, January 27, 2012

The Deccies are down

The Deccies are down and we are looking forward to a bright, exciting and prosperous New Year.
Oh no we’re not, admitedly the deccies are down, but we are still dossing around waiting for this business purchase to proceed before we can put on our happy hats and start to look forward to the bright, exciting, prosperous bit.
This is all dragging a bit and there are only so many times you want to sit down in a cafe or  bar with wifi to look up loads of websites that just don’t seem to change their content as often as one would like.
We are still trying to get out every day for a bracing walk, although there has been a lot of rain around over the last few weeks, but there is generally a break in the rain at some point  during the day where we can get out.
The weather in Cornwall has been particularly warm so far this winter, with temps hitting 12c most days and quite often coming close to the same temp overnight, so Ian is still wearing his shorts, while Carolyn, who used to put on a sweater in Oz if it got below 22c, isn’t.
Tonight the temp is supposed to go down to almost freezing and with the strong winds that we are currently experiencing it should test Ians resolve.
Ian has also been doing a bit of work in St Tudy Community Shop, just a couple of hours a week, but it gives him the chance to chat up all the old ladies which enhances their lives no end, but it will all have to end next week if all goes well. 


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very unexciting, Christmas Decorations xx