Thursday, February 16, 2012


That will be the new name for the cafe. We are in, not yet unpacked, not everyone has a bed, or much furniture at all. We have had some busy days and some not so, today Ian was chatting with a couple from Bideford, an hour away maybe, who had been told to come down and suppor us as they had enjoyed their visit so much. We are delighted to have happy customers already, and hope this continues as we settle in and get better organised. We have been enjoying balmy weather, 7 degrees this evening, a high of 7.5 during the day! The kids are exhausted perhaps due to not enough beds in the house, or perhaps due to the increase in washing up duty, scooters round the car park, or even the 2 flights of stairs up to their bedrooms in the roof. For safety reasons we pointed out the exit possibilities over the roof. We may regret this at some point in the future. If you google the Boscastle floods you will see the helicopter winching people to safety out the same window! Can someone send me a weather forecast, we moved in a week ago and have not been able to listen to a radio station, watch a tv, or connect a pc since and have no idea what is happening in the UK or if it is still there. The last we knew everything was frozen and snowbound and we weren't.


Ganeida said...

Sunny ~ with a high of 34C ;P. Thunderstorms later this afternoon. No flooding in the foreseeable future.

Glad you are all safe & sound & moved in if not yet organised. Keep us updated. I know where to come when I return to Britain.

The HoJo's said...

Indeed, make your booking early if you want a bed :o)