Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A christmas tale

Just before Christmas the intrepid Mr and Mrs Hojo ventured into 'town' to peruse potential gifts. Upon declining to take part in the annual spendfest and use their imagination they repaired to a local Church they had seen advertising a Christmas Tree Festival. St Petroc Church in Bodmin had a huge display of trees, it took ages to wander round and admire all the trees from the unexciting, covered in business cards, to the livelier ones provided by local play schools it was beautiful. The homemade cake helped too. Small postable gifts were mostly purchased in the surprisingly large choice of independent stores in Wadebridge and hopefully all arrived on time, apart from a small one sent to Australia which I hope gets there soon and another parcel which was never meant to be for Christmas, thankfully, as I haven't sent it yet. Tut. Christmas in a small, 3 bed holiday chalet was interesting, and yet between the 7 of us we managed not to fall out. The tiny oven coped, mostly because we bought a boned and rolled turkey to save space. Yum. We fed well, didn't overindulge, and did not have to eat turkey leftovers other than cold on boxing day which is the law. We do still have chocolate biscuits left, only because we hid some. Again due to not having earned any money since March 2011 and also lack of space we had to be clever on the gift side of things, suits for Karate and Aikido went down well, and some money to pay for their first gradings when due was lovely, I have to congratulate my lovely Aunt on spookily knowing Missy and I would love Radley gifts, and the boys had a fab time building gadgets. When it came to finding a screwdriver we had to be clever, on the back of a box of crackers we found a picture of a small set of screwdrivers, so we pulled crackers until we found some, in the last cracker. We played card games, marbles, a funny building game with hedgehogs and scrabble of course (not with my Dad though, I wanted to win!) Other small bits and bobs were passed around and even the ducks got extra bread, the squirrels got the left over nuts (they weren't so nice) Missy even opened the shells for them! We have walked a lot, been rained on, sampled Pasties, and even managed to pop out on New Years Eve. Thanks 2011, we are ready to start work so if the business purchase could happen soon I'd be very grateful, thanks for reading xc

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Ganeida said...

☺ I do read here. I like to know how it's going over there. We've been rained on too but being Aussies we don't go out in it. We wait till it stops to walk.

We had one of the nicest festive seasons ever ~ though Star wanted a little more glitz & glamour. lol