Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Shop merrily

I have been trying to write a review of a fab set of Hama beads from the lovely beadmerrily for weeks, sadly blogging and iPad are not good friends. So I give up ungracefully. go to google and look for playmerrily or beadmerrily buy lots of gifts and get them delivered by nice people in a family firm. They arrived the next day for me, almost unheard of. Like their page on Facebook, or add them on twitter to get notifications of special offers. And next time I offer to do a review, smile sweetly and say 'I don't think so' Xc

1 comment:

Ganeida said...

lol Get your act together, lady. I am waiting on more pics! Ah well, hope you are happy being home & things are settling nicely for you all. Looks like we are getting a cyclone for Christmas. You are well out of it. Maybe it will make a noise like a hoop & roll away?