Thursday, February 18, 2010

This blog is boring

You know you are in trouble when someone walks up to you and tells you that your blog is boring. Not enough updates I guess. Sorry :o)

We have been working hard, Ian is hoping his foot will get better in time for our Bushtucker trip on Sunday which we are really looking forward to. We get to go in a canoe up a river, eat some grubs n kangaroo n 'stuff' look at a cave and more paddling of the canoe. Sounds fab. We'll let you know how it goes. All 15 of us :oD

We had a few drinks to celebrate living in Oz for 2 years which was fun. 15 adults and 10 kids, great night in. Thanks kids for all the tidying (and I am not being sarcastic, they worked like little troopers).

I put these beauties in to brighten up the doorstep.

The boys had to have needles today, Fraser seems to have missed out his year 7 jabs, not sure how but he has had 2 today, Kristian only needed one and was happy to go for ice cream after. Carolyn had a coffee because she didn't have a needle today, only brave soldiers got the reward today. What Missy will be like when she has hers at school I shudder to think. No ice cream there!!!

A conversation between Marisa and Fraser.... 'Fraser there is a huge hole in your sock' 'Mmmmm but it still covers most of my foot'. Okaaaay then, all is well in the world according to Fraser. (It was more hole than sock and is now in the bin)

So am I forgiven for being boring Elena???



Ganeida said...

Yay, Elena! A little more prodding on your part & the rest of us might get to read here more often. ;P

jennifer said...

that's the male sock principle. if coverage >50% foot, sock = fine...

and yes - boring - get a grip! *grin*

Elena said...

merciiiiiiiiii carolyn, you successfully filled 2 minutes of my day :)
poor missy, not getting ice cream like the boys... i'd start a revolution.
maybe i'll tell her she should.
i mean....