Wednesday, March 3, 2010

In which we did many things which we failed to blog

So, where was I?
Sunday 21st was the Bushtucker tour it was a fantastic day out. Loads of pics on facebook, either on my profile or look up Olde Chapel Cafe and see the pics there if we aren't friends :o)

We met at the Drive In as it is close to us and we are lazy and old, erm, easy to park at. The three cars, one on its last legs, one a big jar of custard, and ours set off in plenty of time for Prevelly, a gorgeous beach which had a fair few surfers out to play.
We waited for our tour amid much teasing of John (it is the law, we must tease John) got togged up in our various life preservers and put valuables in the jar, just why we ended up carrying Johns manky old towel around with the cameras and car keys is beyond me, but we did.

In 3 canoes we took a short paddle (some of us made a few interesting directional judgements) to Boogaloongar Island where we admired the view and ate green stuff just laying around, yes we ate it, yes it was all sour tasting but we are brave and will eat almost anything (Not Lauren, she was a coward but more of that later).

Off we paddled again and saw where the Bussels built their house near the waters edge and the cliffs the stone was cut from. I would have liked more local history but the dude in charge, Gordon the Guide was a great sport and kept us interested and took our minds off the arm ache.
Nothing could take my mind of my sons dreadful paddling but on we went.

We sped off to a small beach and walked up a cliff face, no really, we did, to see a beautiful view up the Margaret River. Stunning, and interesting as one girl was wearing a short skirt, 2 were in flip flops, and Ian had a bad knee, but we had a ball and managed not only to not drown John but also to not have to take him to hospital as he would keep doing mountain goat impressions.

Soon it was Bushtucker time, the moment we were all waiting for, we ate all sorts of odd grape looking things (sour) and bits of weed (sour) and a plant that supposedly was used to brew a kind of coffee, yep you guessed it (sour).
Out came the real food and there was loads of it, kangaroo, turkey and ostrich, pesto, local honey, local bread, olives, too much for us all to eat which is no easy task. Then came the Witjuti grub :o) It was in yoghurt and tasted to me like prawns in a creamy pasta sauce, I have to admit I didn't linger over it as I wanted my reward. If you want to know what the reward was you'll have to come over and eat a grub!

Missy ate one, Rodelle, Chelsea, Kiara, Rachel, John, Aden, Ian and Carolyn did too. I think Fraser, Kristian, Jessie and Lauren wimped out. I'm sure they will correct me if I am wrong!

Swift tidy up and binning of rubbish followed, then a trip to the cave with a huge nest of bees hanging above it, anyone regret eating honey now? There are pictures of the troopers who crawled through the cave in the Old Chapel pictures on facebook for all to admire. We listened to some tales in the dark, took pictures of filthy people and made our way back to the canoes.

We paddled to another beach where most of us swam, some got yelled at for splashing and generally being a pain (no names, but you know who you are) and mostly just chilled out for a while

It was race time, there was a lot of cheating and poor direction and even getting out and dragging. Suffice it to say my team didn't win, but Aden won a bottle of wine which he kindly donated to Ian and I, the kids got t shirts and John a cap.

We dragged everything back to the van and thanked Gordon for a fantastic day out.
Jesie wanted to get her car home while it was still in one piece, so she and Kiara headed off, the rest of us went to the Yallingup Maze for a coffee (Ian, Carolyn, Aden and Rodelle) and a run around the maze followed by milkshakes (everyone else) we sat and played with puzzles some more succesfully (John) than others (Aden) although he did pick the hardest of the lot :oD

We had had enough by then and made sure everyone was going to get dropped off in the right place and went home. All that was left was a pair of stray shoes (Rachels) to return another day.

Tired but happy end of the week.


Ganeida said...

There! I knew life couldn't be that boring out your way! ☺ Sounds like heaps of fun.

The HoJo's said...

It was suprisingly fun, bearing in mind we work together all week, it could have been a nightmare :o)