Tuesday, February 2, 2010


People are still dropping by, making me feel guilty about not blogging. So I have.

Tempting to stop there ;o)

What have we done? The window got fixed, not had the bill yet though!!!

On Sunday 24th January We went to Pemberton,about 1 1/2 hours away and spent a rather lovely day there, sadly without camera. Looked at the town, it was small, wandered around the tourist info, Museum under construction but enough to look at, tried to get lunch at the local Cafe. Far too expensive for us, evening meal prices, so we toddled off and found somewhere that sounded like a coffee house tucked up along a few lanes. It was lovely and peaceful with gardens for the tribe to wander around while we read the Sunday Paper, I do miss having a choice of Sunday papers, need to take a book in the car methinks.

Lunch was nice, Nachos, breakfast pie (um that'd be quiche then) decent coffee, there were a couple of galleries on site so we mooched, admired furniture, fainted at the prices and left.

We found the Gloucester tree, a huge pegged fire lookout tree which people were climbing. Sadly we all had the wrong shoes so we watched and made jokes about falling off and no safty net! The pegs wobbled as people climbed.

We asked if many people had died climbing the tree, a few was the answer!

We stopped at a resort on the outskirts and walked to the falls, pretty. Drove around to the lake for a swim. I think we could happily spend the day there which includes the use of canoes, boats, archery...and a gorgeous fresh water lake to swim in.

We were very late home, quick dinner and bed.

Monday we worked, Tuesday was Australia Day, a public holiday (yay)
We got up early and dressed the cub/Scouts ready for parade. Our Scout troop attends the Dunsborough ceremony, raises the flag, looks smart, plays for a while when the adults start chatting amongst themselves and then run off in many directions.

It was one of Missys' friends birthday so off she went to beat everyone at golf again, a five every time on a par 3 isn't bad at 11 years old :o)

The rest of us went off for breakfast and a wander around Dunsborough. We went for a drive and found a few arty places, mostly closed, a Chocolate factory, with samples, a winery, also with samples and came back in time to collect Missy.

On Friday Marisa had a sleepover with a couple of friends, the boys went swimming with a friend and we made plans for tomorrow.

After work on Saturday Marisa was returned after a good day out at the Bird Park, we all ate and got rugged up for a night at the Drive In.

I think Busso Drive In is the last survivng in use in WA, we watched Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs, quite funny but boring by the end, followed by 2012 and as we all enjoy a good disaster movie it went down well, we loved the big screen and were happy that the battery wasn't flat by the end as we listened to the soundtrack on the radio.
The hot dogs and coffee were ok but the midnight finish was a tad late, and cold.

When we got home Carolyn finally had a chat with her Dad after not being able to catch him at home (teenager!) but not for long as it was so late.

Late start on Sunday, worked on some menu changes for the cafe and in the afternoon went to a local Country Farm play place and fed animals, kids ran amok in the play areas and adults read the papers and drank endless coffee, instant but free and about 6 types to choose from.

A good end to the holidays.


MamaOlive said...

Sounds like a really nice time. Any day you can "go for a drive and find a chocolate factory" just has to be a good day. :-D

Ganeida said...

Your hols sound lovely. It pretty much rained for 8 weeks straight ~ which is what we get for living in the sub~tropics. It was stinking hot too. :(