Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life on Mars

Thursday 29th October 2009
Don’t quite know what happened today really, we were mobbed in the Café today, probably our busiest day of the year so far and just to make it interesting, about 15 minutes before our afternoon member of staff was due to start and we were committed to letting other staff leave as they had worked maximum hours, the staff members mother phoned up to say that she wasn’t feeling well and wouldn’t be in.
Nothing like a bit of notice, and that was nothing like a bit of notice, fortunately Carolyn was able to come in and help with the close up.
Whether it has anything to do with extra people coming to town because the Busselton Show starts tomorrow, we don’t know, we certainly didn’t have this sort of fluctuation last year, long may it continue.
We watched the last episode of Life on Mars tonight and Ian is a bit confused, he can’t work out whether Sam was from 1973, in which case how did he know about modern police practices, or had gone back in time during his coma, in which case why? And how did he manage to get back to 1973 after presumably dying after jumping off the top of the police station?


urbanvox said...

you gotta admit...
It is a bit confusing...
I don;t understand life on mars!!!
And I am the king of theories...

Lost in Cov said...

I love LoM. I think it's better than the sequel Ashes to Ashes which is coming back for a third series when the 'meaning' of Gene Hunt is supposed to be revealed. I assumed that, after he jumped off of the building, Sam ended up in a coma again for a while before he finally expired so he was able to go back and rescue his team. That last episode was a bit traumatic!
Have you named the puppies yet?
H xxxxx