Friday, November 6, 2009

Bandana Day

Friday 30th October 2009
After being flat out all day yesterday we thought that we would probably come back down to earth today, but it wasn’t to be and we had our busiest day of the year today instead.
It is Bandana Day today and Ian bought all the staff a bandana to wear at work, everyone wore one, even Ian, apart from Aden who doesn’t like to get involved in public displays, but as he doesn’t very often come out of the kitchen we let him off.
Bandana Day is the fundraising day for a group called canteen who are a children’s cancer charity, the bandanas were only $3 each and we bought 10 for us and the staff, we even wore ours to the show in the evening.
We did manage to get our dishwasher fixed today though so that made life a little bit easier, and the staff weren’t sorry to see it working again, it’s been costing them a fortune in moisturiser for the last week.
Ian didn’t manage to finish work until 6.45pm tonight because we had been so busy, he rushed home and got changed, and then we all went to Busselton Show.
No family tickets at Busselton Show, everyone has to pay, last year the guy on the gate took pity on us as there were five of us and let Kristian in for nothing, this time there was no such luck.
The show was busier than last year, there were more people wandering around and the organisers had managed to fill all the stalls, which they hadn’t managed to do last year.
There was a different feel to the show this year, there were a lot more aggressive, drunk, drugged kids wandering around than last year.
Ian reckons that it had something to do with us not having daylight saving this year, there are problems at the show every year by all accounts, but it normally happens after dark, presumably because there is less chance of being seen or getting caught after dark.
Because we don’t have daylight saving this year, all the idiots come out to play an hour earlier, unfortunately this means that they are aggressive/abusive etc while there are still a lot of families around and that won’t do the shows reputation any good whatsoever.
The show was loaded as usual with overpriced tat and dodgy burgers and although all the stalls had been taken, there were a couple of food stalls missing from last year and we’re sure that there were more art and craft displays, we had a go on a couple of rides, ate some dodgy food, watched the fireworks, had a glass of wine with our neighbours from the shopping centre who run the Cleanskins Wine franchise and had a stall at the show, then went home to try and get an early’ish night after an exhausting day.

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