Monday, November 2, 2009

Freecycle Busselton

Wednesday 28th October 2009
It was a ticky overy sort of day at the Café today, a little bit of a rush early lunch, but other than that it just ticked over slowly until late afternoon.
Ian had a discussion with the staff this morning about our visit from the Environmental Health Officer yesterday, he was explaining how between now and ten days time the walls need to be washed down ready for painting, at which point someone pointed out that the wall under the sink was not only a tad grimy, but the space under the sinks is a tad small as well, so it was decided that Little John, alias Robin Hood would fit perfectly under there and as he is the newest member of staff, he probably wouldn’t argue about it, and he didn’t.
This evening we did our bit for Freecycle in Busselton when we swapped one of our garden umbrella stands weighing 13.5 kilo, for a 25 kilo one, the owner of the heavier one had taken ill and couldn’t lift it any more, we thought that a heavier one might be better for our needs but were not bothered enough to go out and buy one, so when this one came up on Freecycle we thought why not?
This evening we had a dossy evening not doing a lot really, Carolyn did some bookwork while Ian played on the computer and found out what Conquesta 2009 (yesterdays blog) meant, it is a way of testing kids using multiple choice answers and is a system used in several countries to see how well their students are doing. Ian had a look at an old paper and is convinced that he did not do anything that difficult when he was in primary school, he didn’t do anything that difficult at secondary school either, but that’s another story.
You will of course be relieved to know that we both would have passed with flying colours, even if we couldn’t quite manage 100%.

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