Friday, October 30, 2009

Great Aussie Craftsmanship

Tuesday 27th October 2009
Marisa received a Bronze Certificate from school today for her results in an unannounced Maths test that she took a little while ago, the certificate reads Conqeusta 2009 but she doesn’t know what the test was for and the school haven’t told us what it is for, they have just handed out the certificates and presumably we are expected to be impressed.
As it is we are quite impressed, maths is Marisas weakest subject and she has to work hard to do well, so this is a good result.
It was a bit busier at the Café today, although we were never really pushed it just seemed to be a constant plod for most of the day.
As well as having a fryer that is not working, we now have a dishwasher that is not working, so all the dishes had to be hand washed today which pleased the staff.
Great Aussie Craftsmanship, that’s what all the adverts say, every new piece of equipment that we have bought for the Café, mostly Australian, has packed up on at least one occasion.
We had a visit from the Environmental Health Officer this afternoon, we got a clean bill of health apart from some paintwork that needs repainting and new rubber matting on the floor.
Fraser and Marisa went to Scouts tonight and after dropping them off, Carolyn came home grabbed a bit of food and headed back out again to attend a meeting that was scheduled at Scouts for 6pm and she had forgotten about it. She hadn’t forgotten the meeting just that it was starting half an hour early this week.
After Scouts we relaxed in front of the box for an hour before having an early night.

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grandadhojo said...

Well done, Missy, whatever it was for