Thursday, October 29, 2009

To The Jetty And Beyond

Monday 26th October 2009
It was a fairly quiet day in the Café again today, just as well really as one of our fryers has packed up, it did mean that Ian finished work early though so not all bad news.
Ian took the kids out for a bike ride this evening and thinking that they were only going as far as the jetty they were full of enthusiasm, Ian had other ideas and when they got to the jetty, informed them that they would be getting their ice cream from there, but not until they were on their way back from Port Geographe.
The kids whinged about it a bit, but once they had left it behind they cycled well, then on the way back they flew like the wind, the combination of an ice cream with their names on it and cycling with the wind meant that they made really good time.
In the evening after the kids went to bed, we watched a couple more episodes of guff that we had recorded, we have to watch on a regular basis otherwise the Foxtel memory thing fills up and starts deleting stuff

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