Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Horrible Little Things

Friday 23rd October 2009
It was fairly busy today at the Café, hopefully with a half decent day tomorrow we’ll beat this week last year, we seem to be beating last years figures every week at the moment so the thought of not beating it has become almost a phobia.
Marisa had to go to the doctors this afternoon after school and has been put on antibiotics, she can’t help scratching when she gets bitten by mozzies, fleas and all sorts of other horrible little things over here that like taking lumps out of her and she managed to get a couple infected.
The kids didn’t go to Freaky Friday tonight as they have to be up early tomorrow morning to go on their latest Scout camp, this time to Perth, to meet up with the other Scouts that they will be travelling and sharing equipment with when they go to Jamboree in January.
The kids were in bed by 7pm and we weren’t far behind them, they need to be up before 6am and are not very good at getting a move on in the morning.

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