Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Great Moscow Circus

Saturday 24th October 2009
Isn’t it amazing how kids can get up, get breakfasted, get washed and clothed in minutes when it involves going camping with their mates, we knew the boys wouldn’t be a problem they wake up early every day, but Marisa normally needs two days notice to get out of bed for school and then a further three days to do the rest of it.
The Café was fairly quiet today, but we did enough to beat last year which was our goal.

With the oldest two away at camp for the day, we decided to treat Kristian and take him to the Circus, the Great Moscow Circus is in town and everyone that Ian has spoken to who has been said that it was great, so despite considering ourselves to be not circus people, we took the plunge and bought tickets for this afternoon.
It was great and Kristian loved it, we aren’t the sort of people to be impressed by this sort of thing, but we came out of the show extremely impressed and glad that we had made the effort.
After the Circus Kristian had a pizza before we all had an early night.

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