Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Breast Cancer Research

Thursday 22nd October 2009
This morning while Ian was setting up the Café, the milkman informed him that there was a fire down at the other shopping centre.
Luvvly Jubbly thought Ian, hoping that nobody was hurt first of course, we should be in for a good day if it’s anything like the last time the centre was closed.
It turns out that there was a fire in the roof space of the record shop at the other shopping centre and when the sprinkler system came on, the water got into the power box causing the electricity to do what electricity does when mixed with water, leaving the centre with no power.
Our hope of a bumper day, was however short lived, IGA the supermarket for that centre has got their own generators and whoever lit the fire forgot to light one under the generator as well, so after the fire had been put out IGA were up and running and we failed to benefit by much more than a quick flurry first thing.
As it turned out, today wasn’t much better than the early part of the week until most of the staff had gone in the afternoon, then for some reason we had an influx of customers that kept us busy for a while, helping to make up in part, yesterdays debacle.
This evening Carolyn went to Curves fitness centre in Busselton for a fundraising event, it was to raise funds for Breast Cancer research.
Despite meeting hundreds of local people every week, it’s amazing how few people you can recognise at one of these events, so after making a few bids for goods on offer and chatting with the few people she did recognise she went home, but she’s not going to let Ian know how much it cost him.

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