Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Eight Bunnies

Sunday 18th October 2009
We got up at a reasonable hour this morning, only to find that one of the bunnies has had another eight babies, we thought that we had seen the last of them but this rabbit when out for a walk one day a few weeks ago, was ambushed by one of the male bunnies who had managed to escape, we thought we had caught him before he could do anything, but obviously not.
We went to the market down by the foreshore while the kids went to the beach to play, then while we had a coffee, they went for a swim in the sea.
On the way home we stopped off at the pet shop to see how many baby bunnies they had and they only have one at the moment, Carolyn is going to take our five babies who are now five weeks old to the pet shop tomorrow.
After a bit of lunch, we loaded up the car with Kayak, Surfboard etc and headed for Meelup, there were quite a few people there although not many swimming.
We went for a swim and it was a bit chilly, but once you got used to it, it was quite pleasant, not that Carolyn waited long enough to find out, she dunked herself for about thirty seconds before deciding that laying in the sun was much more her forte.
After a long day in the sun we were all a bit tired so we had a light tea, spoilt to a certain degree by some crap Pate that we had bought from the supermarket as a treat, the only person that was treated was the owner of the Pate firm and that won’t happen again.
Australia, or at least the WA part of it, must be the worst place on the planet for Pate, I don’t mean the worst place for a Pate to live, I mean, for a person who enjoys pate to find one that isn’t covered with all sorts of stuff other than meat to hide the taste, or to find one that doesn’t have the texture of the cheapest cat food you could possibly imagine, after it has been eaten and then thrown up by the cat, then eaten and thrown up by the dog.
The Pate in question is called Premium Tasmanian Pate and it is dire, I wouldn’t even recommend someone try it to see how bad it is, the thought of somebody making a profit out of this garbage makes me mad, these people should go somewhere in the world where they know how to make the product properly, go on a cookery course in said country and learn to make it properly, before inflicting their junk on the human race.
We had an early night again, how boring is that?


Ganeida said...

Bunnies & pate? Hm. I must point out most people like the east coast for a reason. I happen to know Sydney can do pate & I'm pretty sure, at a pinch, Melborne can but Perth, you know...the place only just got discovered & they probably sieve their pate through the rabbit proof fence! ☺

The HoJo's said...

Aha you could be onto something there :oD