Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beach Ball

Saturday 17th October 2009
The Café was quiet today, we expected it really, Margaret River Show was on and the temperature was due to hit the 30’s for the first time this spring, so we didn’t expect to see too many people inside.
Carolyn and the kids took the puppies to the vet to get their second jabs, they were very well behaved, so were the puppies.
The puppies have doubled in weight since we got them about a month ago, they now weigh close on 10kg, so if the keep doing that for their first year, they will weigh approximately two metric tonnes each on their first birthday, now that would call for a big cake.
We went for a walk along the beach this evening and stopped off at Stilts, where the owner took another beer off line so that he could put Ians favourite on, just to stop him moaning.
In truth we wouldn’t have stopped if he hadn’t done it, so we felt obliged to have two pints rather than the one we were going to have, before going up to the Broadwater Food hall for a quick nosh and then back home for what was going to be an early night.
Instead of the early night we decided to watch the football, Arsenal v Birmingham, a bit of a walkover really, but the highlight was watching Sunderland score against Liverpool.
Now how ironic is this? A Beach Ball has been thrown onto the pitch and is bouncing around in the Liverpool goalmouth, Darren Bent, not exactly the best striker in the league, took a speculative shot that the Liverpool keeper had covered all the way.
The Football hits the Beach Ball causing the Football to change direction, leaving the goalkeeper totally helpless as the Football ended up in the net.
Outrageous you might think, the Beach Ball interfered with play and gave Sunderland an unfair advantage.
Then you watch it again in slow motion, and just as the Football is about to hit the Beach Ball you see the Liverpool Crest, Large as Life, looking straight at the camera and it is printed on the Beach Ball.
A Liverpool supporter, in his wisdom, for want of a better way of putting it, has thrown the Beach Ball onto the pitch and his team have lost the game because of it, they must have given him a right good hiding on the way home, as for Ian, he laughed himself to sleep.


Ganeida said...

I saw that goal. Totally hysterical. I miss watching Liddy play but I think them days are dead & gone.

The HoJo's said...

None of ours will kick a ball, strange lot!