Monday, October 26, 2009

Wot No Ice Cream

Monday 19th October 2009
Carolyn managed to sell the five baby bunnies this morning, so we are back down to 13 bunnies, 2 puppies and a cat. We haven’t yet sold the kids.
The Café was fairly quiet today which gave us a chance to catch up with a little bit of the batch cooking, so that we can restock the shelves.
There was no Cubs on again tonight for Kristian, so Ian took all the kids for a bike ride along the cycle path to Siesta Park.
Shock, Horror, when they got there the garage was closed so they couldn’t get an ice cream, the only reason they go on these rides with Ian is because the get an ice cream for doing it, so the thought of having done the ride and not got an ice cream was something they couldn’t bear to think about.
Fortunately there is another shop about half way back where they could get an ice cream, all they had to do was find it as it wasn’t on the cycle path and it was in an area where they didn’t know where the roads went.
They found the shop in the end and after being forced to eat their ice cream quickly because it was getting dark, rode back as quick as they could because they had no lights, if they had voted for daylight saving it would have still been light and they could have ridden back at their leisure.
When they got home, Ian fired up the Barbie and cooked up a load of sausages that we had got from the supermarket, they were pretty crap, like most of the sausages over here so we won’t bother getting them again.
How can a country with such good meat make such crap sausages?

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