Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Aching Backs and Legs

Sunday 11th October 2009
We slept like logs last night and woke up at a reasonable hour, at least all the men did, Carolyn and Marisa were not quite so keen to get out of the pit bit did eventually.
We managed to get out of the house at about 10.15am and popped into the café for a couple of minutes to drop some stuff off, before heading for the market in the hunt for bunny Veg.
There were loads of people at the market this morning but hardly any stalls, presumably there were more earlier but the wind was freezing, absolutely bitter, coming straight from the south pole and with loads of rain last night making the ground very damp under foot, it was not very nice to say the least.
From the market we drove round a couple of garage sales before heading home, we did manage to find a Badminton set for the kids for a couple of dollars, but as per usual the rest was junk and if there had been any good stuff to start off with, it was long gone by the time we got there.
When we got home we decided to tackle the garden, it has to be dug over and if we hadn’t done it today it would have been just putting off the inevitable.
We had about 25m x 2m to turn over, removing the weeds and the buffalo grass that had taken over our flower beds since last year when they looked so pristine.
We started digging at about 12 noon and finished at 5pm, it was seriously hard work and there were times when we were seriously tempted to stop and come back to it another day, but we finished it, absolutely knackered but we finished it and won’t be letting it get that bad next winter, honest.
The kids did their part to help us clear the weeds from the garden, they pulled the weeds up from the area that we cleared of weeds and bamboo last year, and they had almost finished by 5pm and will only need another hour or so to be finished.
We cooked up a load of weird and wonderful flavour sausages on the Barbie this evening and had them with salad before settling down to watch a film with the kids.
We watched China Syndrome with Jane Fonda and Jack Lemmon, it is one of the films that Ian enjoyed in his youth, it is still a good film but not enough action sequences to keep the kids interested.
By 9pm we had taken our knackered and aching backs and legs to bed, in an effort to give them enough rest so that we are fit enough to work tomorrow.

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