Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jungle Bungle Closed

Monday 12th October 2009
Ian and Carolyn are full of aches and pains, we slept pretty soundly but we are putting that down to exhaustion and if it’s right what people say about the aches being worse two days later, then god help us tomorrow.
The Café was quiet to start off with today, but by mid morning it was pretty busy and Carolyn, who we had hoped wouldn’t have to work, had been brought into play and spent the entire lunchtime and beyond working and barely got out in time to pick up some bunny food from the Feed Merchant before he closed.
Now that’s something we didn’t do in England, go to a Feed Merchant, only farmers and posh people who own horses go to Feed Merchants, the rest of us mere mortals used to get it from Pets at Home, a bit like Bunnings for pets at home, or the supermarket.
As Carolyn was coming into work and it was the last day of the school holidays, we decided to let the kids go and play in Jungle Bungle, the owners of Jungle Bungle had other ideas and turned them away because they weren’t opening today now that is pretty much Busselton Business in a nutshell, prime position on the seafront and still plenty of people wandering round, but they might not want to come in and play so we won’t bother opening.
So the kids came to the Café and after feeding their faces, went to the library to read.

We had another early night tonight, the aches and pains have not been getting any better and we are not looking forward to facing them again tomorrow.

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