Tuesday, October 20, 2009

XXXX=This (anagram)

Saturday 10th October 2009
Today was probably our quietest Saturday since we have been at the Café, there we were all stressed out with loads of inexperienced staff at our beck and call and the customers didn’t come in, the whole shopping centre was as dead as a Dodo and for no apparent reason.
By 12 noon we had come to the conclusion that things weren’t going to get any better and started cleaning up ready for close, we were so rarely disrupted by customers that we were finished and walking out of the door by 2pm, over an hour earlier than our previous best and we had cleaned the fryers as well which normally gets done on a Sunday.
This afternoon we went down to Broadwater Beach Bar and Restaurant (Stilts) and had a couple of beers, it looks like this place is going to be like a long running soap, nobody seems to know what they’re doing, they’re brand new wine list is already out of date because Carolyn drank and enjoyed the only bottle of pink fizz that they had in stock, last week and they also ran out of the beer that Ian drinks after his first pint.
When we got there we ordered the bottle of wine for Carolyn, the same wine that she had enjoyed last week, after about twenty minutes of two members of staff trying to find it in the fridge they came to the conclusion that they didn’t have any, but didn’t have a clue as to what to offer as an alternative.
We scanned the wine list again and selected another Rose wine which turned out to be very nice and at only 6.5% was very drinkable, as for Ian, he had to settle for drinking XXXX Gold and was not impressed, he has come to the conclusion that XXXX is only called XXXX because you can’t write SHIT on a beer pump and won’t be drinking it again.
From there we walked up to the Broadwater Food Hall for something to eat, the kids love going there because they have five different outlets to choose from and they can choose from any of them.
We felt the kids deserved a treat at the end of the school holidays, they have had a pretty good holiday anyway but they have all been really good over the last couple of weeks and enjoyed their meals.
From there we walked home and were in bed by about 9pm, still knackered from the stress of the last couple of weeks.


Merry said...

Am now chuckling at the third person disclaimer!

Ganeida said...

All beer is XXXX. I'm surprised Ian could tell any difference. Glad the kids had nice hols & even gladder they were good for you. ☺

The HoJo's said...

Hi Merry, we aim to please :o)

Thanks Ganeida :o)