Sunday, September 27, 2009

Top 20%

Tuesday 22nd September 2009
The Café was quiet again this morning, but we had a busy lunchtime and that carried on into the afternoon which was good, perhaps our persistence in staying open later in the day is starting to pay dividends.
Carolyn went to assembly at the school today, there were actually two assemblies one for the primary and one for the senior schools.
In the assemblies they were giving out awards for NAPLAN results, similar to SATS in the UK, and Kristian received one which was absolutely brilliant as they are only given out to the top 20% in the country. Kristian and his best mate who also got one, are convinced that they got them for being in the top 20 in the country despite the fact that 40 children in the school got one, they probably didn’t take the maths results into account.
The puppies are really starting to settle in now, they are managing to stay quiet for virtually eight hours overnight and are confident enough in their surroundings now to pee and poo wherever they want apart from their bed, this makes for a lovely assault course for Ian to negotiate while he is still half asleep first thing in the morning.

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Vic said...

I think we really have had enough about pooing and peeing habits now, or I will have to start referring to you as a mummy blog!
Can't belive you're less than a week behind now - it's a mircale! :p