Sunday, September 27, 2009


Wednesday 23rd September 2009
Carolyn went into school this morning to help out in Kristians class with reading, because she was having trouble listening to all the kids on her list in half an hour she decided to stay until she had heard them all, that took an hour, she’ll be a full time teacher before she knows it.
It is a weird week in the Café this week, yet again it was quiet in the morning and we got hammered at lunchtime, as opposed to doing half our trade in the morning and virtually half at lunchtime which is the norm.
We spoke to Ians sister Sharon tonight, she is going to have the kids for a three day break at the beginning of October which they will love.
If we are not too tired from work because virtually all of our Saturday staff have got the day off that weekend, then we might even indulge ourselves in a romantic meal somewhere, assuming somewhere in Busselton knows what romantic means, which we doubt, otherwise we’ll settle for a meal somewhere and a couple of pints.

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Ganeida said...

That's how it all began ~taking the reading up at school. Short step to be a fully~fledged homeschool mum! :P

Hey the romance may work. word verification + supped. lol