Sunday, September 27, 2009

Birthday Boy

Thursday 24th September 2009
It was an early start for all of us today, Ian had to be in work for 7am to see in a delivery and it’s Frasers birthday, we now have an official teenager in the house as opposed to three unofficial ones.
Whenever there is a birthday in this house, it is customary for cards and presents to be opened before anybody leaves the premises and as Fraser likes to have a good look at what he has got before he opens the next one, it can become quite time consuming, hence getting up really early to get it over and done with.
Fraser loved his presents, which was just as well really as they were chosen from a list that he had painstakingly written whilst camping out in the toy shop for most of the day last Saturday.

It was another day of being quiet in the morning and busy at lunchtime and in the afternoon at the Café today, but compared to this week last year we are doing very well, we reckon that the new Freeway extension from Perth which is going to take thirty minutes off the driving time from Perth to Busselton, is going to be a tourist attraction in its own right and will increase the tourist trade down here, or possibly is already.
We went to the local Mexican restaurant “El Gringo’s” for Frasers birthday meal tonight, we all enjoyed our food there and then came home for birthday cake with fab candles that burn with blue, red and green flames, very cool.

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