Monday, September 28, 2009

Poo on a Grand Scale

Friday 25th September 2009
Carolyn has managed to fill the equivalent of three wheelie bins full of puppy poo and pee covered newspaper this week, it’s just as well half of our neighbours are grey nomads who haven’t come back from the sun yet, otherwise they would have nowhere to put their rubbish.
The Café was mobbed today, from about 9am to 2.30pm it was just flat out and was probably our best day since last Christmas holidays, saying that, it died quite dramatically in the afternoon and we closed early.
This evening Fraser went Bowling in Bunbury with his best mate whose birthday it was earlier in the week, the other two went to Freaky Friday as usual. We had to stay up till 10pm waiting for him to come home so we could go to bed. Argghh to teenagers and when can he learn to drive please.

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