Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What’s a Fried Potato Like?

Saturday 26th September 2009
Saturday, Ians favourite day, Not. And today was not going to let him down.

Firstly the Ice Cream machine packs up, it always seems to pack up on a Saturday when you can’t ring the manufacturers for advice on how to fix the problem, it normally coincides with the holiday period as well and guess what? Yep you got it, the school holidays started today, so with any luck we might get it repaired by the time they go back to school, just in time for us not to need it as much.
It’s AFL Final day today, after weeks of Finals leading up to last weeks Preliminary Final, we now have the Final and it is between St Kilda who are unbeaten all season and Geelong who lost in the Final last year.
The shopping centre was busy this morning, but we were really quiet, because the game starts at 12noon over here, everyone goes out and does their shopping early before rushing home to fire up the Barbie and get drunk, hence they don’t stop in Cafes on Final day.
Ian did however get a little bit of a giggle out of the staff this morning, also you can now put a name to the comment because when Ian told them that he was going to blog what they had said, they insisted on being named, so here goes.
It was Kates turn first, Kate does most of the hard graft on a Saturday and tends to be able to keep the rest of the kitchen staff moving.
We needed some potatoes peeled this morning so that we could make up a pot of mash, Ian asked Kate to do it which she did, then just as she was about to finish peeling, she held a potato up in front of her face, looked at it and said I wonder what a potato would be like if you put it in the fryer, Ian looked at her incredulously, at least he thinks that’s the word you would use to describe the look, and said “a Chip”, she sort of blushed a bit and said “oh yeh”.
We wouldn’t mind, but the bulk of her waitressing involves chips and she hadn’t realised that they were made from potatoes.
The second quote of the day came from Rachel, when Ian was telling the girls about Kristian and his friend getting awards for their NAPLAN results,
Rachel said “I was in that assembly, they were for the people in the top 20% weren’t they?”
Ian said “yes that’s right”
Rachel said” when they were giving them out I said to my friend, I bet we’re in the other half”.
Ian laughed, obviously they took the maths results into account when checking Rachels results.

Later on when Carolyn came into the Café, Ian told her about Rachels little faux par and Rachel still couldn’t understand why it was funny, so Carolyn tried to explain to her that if only 20% got the award, then there was a lot more than half left, there for she couldn’t possibly be in the half that didn’t get the award.
Rachel then took a different tack and said that what she actually meant was that half of her class got the award, she expected that she would not receive an award, so she would be in the other half of her class.
Ian thinks she’s talking tosh.

Because it was so quiet in the Café today, we were able to have a bit of a laugh at their expense, but normally this dippy attitude goes on when we’re busy which is why Ian gets so stressed out on a Saturday.

Because it was so quiet we closed the Café early, when Ian got home he thought he might like to watch the AFL Final or what was left of it, but the kids were watching Matrix so he started listening to it on the radio.
As it approached the final quarter, Ian got Marisa to put the film on Frasers computer so that he could watch the game, unfortunately we don’t have terrestrial TV down here and Foxtel show it about four hours after it is finished, so Marisa put her film back on.
Ian did go online to try and find out the result and there were hints that Geelong might have won, but the official AFL site wouldn’t let him get past the score at half time, so he lost interest.

This evening we took Fraser and his mate out for dinner at the Chinese before going to the cinema to watch G-Force, it was the final part of Frasers birthday celebrations so we let Fraser and his mate sit at the back squealing like stuck pigs every time something funny happened, while we sat a few rows in front pretending not to know them.
It was a good evening and Fraser really enjoyed himself.


Anonymous said...

So who won then?

The HoJo's said...

Can't quite believe we made you wait 5 days to find out, ooops!