Sunday, September 27, 2009

Punching Above His Weight

Monday 21st September 2009
It was very quiet in the Café for most of the day, we did get hammered unexpectedly for about an hour at lunchtime though which made the day look reasonable.
Carolyn managed to get rid of another two baby bunnies at the pet shop today which was a bit of a relief, we thought that because the shop had a glut of them all of a sudden we might get lumbered with keeping them because they get too big.
Carolyn went to school this evening with the kids, it was a parent teacher evening where we get a chance to meet the teachers find out how good our kids really are.
As it turns out, all three kids are doing really well with the younger two being good allrounders, while Fraser has his specialist subjects and is punching well above his weight in Science and Maths, just by coincidence it is the same teacher for both subjects, so whether it’s the subjects that interest him, which they do, or the teachers ability which is the key factor in his achievement, we shall have to wait and see.

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