Thursday, September 24, 2009

Severe Weather Warnings

Friday 11th September 2009
The weather was bad again last night and pretty unpredictable today, we are still under a severe weather warning, although not the same severe weather warning as yesterday.
We have worked out that all weather warnings finish at midnight, in the UK when there is a storm front and it is going to be around for a few days the forecasters used to say something along the lines of, “it’s going to be stormy with a chance of wind damage in the south west for the next three days”.
Over here the forecaster will say something like “there is a severe weather warning from Mandurah to Albany until midnight”.
When your house gets blown down at 4am the next day you, you might think that you would be within your rights to call the weather forecaster a moron for getting it wrong, however, if you had been listening to the radio at three minutes past midnight, you would have heard him say something along the lines of “there is a severe weather warning from Mandurah to Albany until midnight”.
It might have taken us eighteen months to work it out, but it would appear that weather warnings only last until midnight, so if you don’t hear the severe weather warning at three minutes past midnight, the chances are that by the time you get out of bed you probably already know about it and don’t need telling because it has kept you awake for most of the night.
Of course it is possible that with WA being a little bit behind the rest of the world in most things, they aren’t actually sure that tomorrow really exists until the clock turns midnight and don’t want to be accused of misleading anyone by making rash statements about severe weather on a day that may not exist.
The Café was quiet again this morning, but just like yesterday we were mobbed at lunchtime for a couple of hours which put us back on track for a reasonable week.

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Ganeida said...

W.A has always been a little odd... Haven't you noticed the second heads all the residents appear to have? :P